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STEVIA – natural substitute for sugar

STEVIA – natural substitute for sugar   STEVIA plant originates from Paraguay, where for more than 1500 years it is used as a sweetener FOR medicinal beverages and teas. Stevia is a perennial herb and its average lifetime is about 5 years. It can’t survive at low temperatures and in winter should be placed in […]

Gluten free diet

Gluten free diet   Gluten-free diet is currently one of the most popular diet in the world. Generally this is therapeutic diet that is designed for patients that have celiac disease (or gluten absorption disorder), or for people with mild intolerance to gluten. But this diet has shown to be an excellent diet for cleansing […]

Dukan diet

Dukan diet   Dukan diet is developed by doctor Pierre Dukan (French nutritionist), about ten years ago and it was very popular from the start! This diet is based on eating high protein foods and all carbs are limited – this also matters and for fruits, starchy vegetables, legumes and whole grains. For this diet […]


Pollen Since ancient times, pollen attracts the attention of traditional medicine and it is widely used as a medicine for the treatment of many diseases. It contains 240 beneficial substances that are needed for normal flow of biochemical processes. Pollen also contains 50 biologically active substances: proteins, minerals, almost all vitamins, antibiotics, plant hormones, enzymes, […]


Ginger Why is ginger cure for many diseases?Benefits of ginger is unique ability to cleanse the body of almost all types of toxins that are entered through food, alcohol, chemicals and radiation. Toxins are the main cause of many diseases! They poison our bodies, causing degeneration of cells and lead to cancer. Toxins are collecting […]

Sprouted wheat mixture

Sprouted wheat mixture meal that heals and cleanses the body Since olden times people have been eating sprouted seeds from pumpkin, flax, barley, corn, buckwheat (incredibly beneficial healthy foods), soy, lentils, but the most commonly they were eating sprouted wheat grains. Sprouted wheat contains a plenty of biologically active substances- vitamins E, C, B vitamins, […]

FOR and AGAINST Paleo Diet

FOR and AGAINST Paleo Diet FOR  Increased protein intake reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism High protein diet maintains muscle mass Paleo Diet emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables The body gets enough essential fatty acids Paleo Diet will suit to people who have high blood sugar levels It will improve health and reduce […]

Paleo Diet Food List

Paleo Diet Food List Meat (including seafood) and eggs are perhaps the most important foods in Paleo diet. All vegetables are allowed except beans, legumes and potatoes. Mushrooms are also allowed. Fruit, nuts and seeds (all except peanuts) can be consumed. Honey and dried fruit are allowed only in small quantities. Permitted are only some […]

What is Paleo Diet?

What is Paleo Diet? Paleo diet is based on a research of possible diet of our ancestor of Paleolithic period (Paleolithic or Old Stone Age is a historical period from the creation of man to 10,000 BC). Although the first association on this diet is- lots of meat – it does not mean that you […]

Losing Weight with Chocolate

Losing Weight with Chocolate One research conducted by an agency showed that 86% of people who were on a diet, and who continued to enjoy sweet treats, have successfully lost weight. Happy news is that, using chocolate, you actually lose weight and don’t get them. Two thousand and one hundred of men and women, those […]